Konstantinos Lymperopoulos is a PhD candidate in Production and Management Engineering department of Democritus University of Thrace, in the research field of the study and design of solar thermal energy systems. The title of his under developement doctoral thesis is “Study and design of medium temperature solar systems”. He holds a master degree with distinction in “Sustainable Energy & Environment” from Cardiff University of UK.

He acquired the Diploma of Mechanical Engineer from the National Technical University of Athens in 2008. He has worked at private sector in the field of study and construction of large-scale Renewable Energy Sources projects and since 2011 he runs a technical-consulting office in Alexandroupolis. He is cofounder and administrator of KRITON ENERGY company, which till now has realized a great deal of cutting-edge technology RES and energy saving projects.

As a researcher in DUTH, he has participated in research projects in thermal solar systems. He is an assistant teacher in the subject of Production Technology I (lab), department of Production and Administration Engineers in DUTH. His scientific interests include the study and design of RES systems, energy planning, study and development of energy policies, study of energy saving measures in buildings and industries and life cycle analysis (LCA) of energy systems.

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