HIVE is an idea of clustering engineering professions based on common elements, the construction and the design. Within an unstable economic environment, the need for clustering urged a big group of engineers and partners (architectural engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, landscape engineers, graphic artists) to a common vision, the creation of an innovative model of organization and service that represents the joint action and at the same time supports the individual effort. HIVE is an innovation in Greece having as an ulterior purpose all its members to coexist and collaborate in harmony under the same roof, to continuously develop their profession skills and to jointly provide with high quality services.

Every project is a unique challenge to produce something innovative. HIVE’s design process, for all scales of project ranging from objects to urban development visions, based on collective work and shared knowledge. Our job is to translate the spirit and vision of our clients into an innovative, creative and sustainable solution. We also specialise in inspecting projects, developing a cost control strategy, and organizing required documents for construction certifications.

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